Monday, September 3, 2012

Social Injustice

Physical education continues to be placed on the back burner in today's ever changing educational landscape. Physical education programs continue to get cut and classroom teachers, who have no experience teaching PE are asked to do so. In this example, at no fault of the teacher due to lack of PE curriculum knowledge, there are more than 35 students standing and watching one child with the ball perform a skill. In this lesson, I would guess that more than 10 students never touched the ball during the course of the game.


  1. That is an injustice. I cannot believe that above all, PE is getting cut. Isn't obesity an epidemic in the US? Do they want these kids to end up obese or under active? My nephew is only 6 years old but starting at the age of 3 he has been wearing a 6 year old clothing. "Husky". His parents have me buy size 6 clothes and then get them hemmed. Even though he plays sports, when he gets home from school he does nothing. He plays video games, eats an unhealthy dinner, watches TV and goes to bed. How sad :( At least if he had PE in school everyday he would get sweaty and exercise. He could also discover other sports that he might be good at. We need to do something to keep PE as an everyday "class" in schools. period.

  2. I completely agree!!! Thank you for your insight and continue to support PE

  3. That's ridiculous! I can't imagine being that restricted at my school growing up. I have had students who NEEDED PE and felt frustrated when they couldn't express themselves physically, or have a way of developing their physical knowledge through sports.