Monday, November 5, 2012

21st Century Literacies

Creativity is something that needs to be improved on in my classroom. In my class, students are instructed on how to do skills and are expected to do follow those instructions. With physical education, especially at the elementary level, students do not have the freedoms that other subjects matters have. Creativity is something that comes by self exploration, students have the opportunity to learn about themselves and their body while participating in the activity. Usually, students are given the opportunity to self explore with extensions of the activity. Students sometimes have the chance to have free choice at the end of the lesson, which allows them to do their favorite thing, or even create something new. Other examples of creativity, are the exercise stations that we have for the students. Students have 1 minute a hula hoop, ladder, etc and are given the opportunity to do whatever they would like with that implement. Students often do what they know, however some students challenge themselves and try something new or try something more difficult. Students also have the opportunity to work in groups or with partners to help foster communication and collaboration. I look forward to having the opportunity to implement creativity in the classroom at my next site with older students. The older students will be more proficient in reading and writing and will be able to incorporate those into the physical education classroom. 

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