Tuesday, November 13, 2012

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After reading Learning in the 21st Century: A 5 year retrospective on the Growth in Online Learning, I realized how much the landscape of technology has changed.  During the 5 years between 07-12 there has been significant changes in the growth of the interest levels in online learning and the numbers of students and educators who have now had online learning experiences is growing. In this recent time frame, parents are now in overwhelming support of increased investments in online learning as well as a positive connection between online learning and their interest in school has been found.

I am a little surprised at the willingness for society to adopt online education so quickly. I personally am not so certain at the success of the model of online schooling. I am fearful that with the continual advances of technology that the teacher as we know it may become obsolete. The advances in the internet has made learning very easy and rapid. I hope that we continue to rely on traditional education to supply the foundation of learning and use technology as well as online models as support techniques.

I'm surprised how pro technology that the people in the video showed. They talked about how active the children are with technology and yet how little they use it in the classroom. I am also surprised at the notion that classroom education is obsolete. I believe that there has to a happy medium between the classroom and technology and not one should be more important that the other.

I believe that programs are a great way to educate students and get them involved not only the community but allowing students to learning in an area of interest. Providing a place to have role models for younger kids is a great way for elementary students to get involved and interested in math and science. Programs such as Youth Teach 2 Learn allow students at the high school level to work with the younger students and explore a possible profession. Setting up programs like this is a great idea and would be a great way to get students interested in teaching.

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  1. I am with you in that I don't completely agree with the desire for online learning. I think that it is great to adopt technology into the classroom, but I feel fully online schools or offering classes online that should really be held at school (i.e., Physical Education for you and I) are not appropriate and do not foster student learning or social interactions.

    I also agree with you that career exploration is important and that students should be given opportunities to explore as many careers as possible prior to entering college so they can be on the track that is most engaging and enjoyable for them.