Monday, November 26, 2012

EDSS 555 Blog 5

This semester, I have been surprised by the literacy levels of my students. They are able to participate in group discussions and share their thoughts and opinions with class mates. Student are able to listen to instructions and pick up on key vocabulary as well as pinpoint key critical elements of a technique and learn the vocabulary terms associated with them. Students are able to share their learning verbally and show what they have learned. They are not able to write their thoughts and share their ideas because at the elementary level they can not read and write.

Sept 30, 2013
My literacy rich classroom with incorporate a daily log documenting student learning which each given day. Students will be able to write their thoughts and feelings on a given activity, write down key concepts and terms, as well as key vocabulary picked up during the lesson. My students are engaged in the material and are willing to learn and look at physical education in a new light. Students will not just come outside to 'play' but take ownership in their learning and develop not only their physical abilities but their academic abilities as well. Students will read the lessons provided and log down the critical elements of the activity. 

Dec 15. 2013
My literacy rich classroom will progress into reading the rules of the sport that is being taught as well as log and journal about the activity. Students will be able to create their own game and rules and modify the activity to conceptually articulate how to have full team involvement. They will be writing their own rules to the game as well as reading peer comments to see if they would make any changes that some of the students suggested. They can have a discussion about the important of certain rules and whether certain skills and tactics should be incorporated in the sport.

May 30, 2014
My literacy rich classroom will have students breaking down film of themselves and other classmates performing a skill. Students will be engaged in the activity actively participating and learning from their mistakes. Student are capable of independent learning by knowing and understanding the critical elements of the skill and being able to write down and correct certain errors performed by students.  This will show student understanding and learning and bring together all the aspects of skills learned in my literacy rich classroom.

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