Monday, October 15, 2012

Lesson Planing

Designing a lesson with the knowledge of the adolescents brain can play an important role in how the lesson is structured. In my lessons, i would make sure to have a reward system in place to cater to the students achievements. Rewarding them for positive behavior can do wonders for student behavior and participation. Also incorporating new and fun ideas and game to make activities authentic is also key to having the students buy in. If students are participating in drills over and over they will be less likely to to enjoy the activity and continue to practice. However, if the drills are aimed to a tournament at the end of the week students will be more motivated to practice and learn the keys so they can use them in a practical setting. Many of the Physical Education models use these strategies called 'Culminating events' to aide in student buy in. Presenting the information so that the students can learn the material, and not just memorize, is as a crucial aspect. Allowing interactive activities to learn critical elements, vocabulary. skills and tactics are much more likely to be remembered rather than just telling the students something once and expecting them to learn it.

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